Press Review – Elgar’s Dream of Gerontius

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Neil Jenkins has received unqualified praise for singing Elgar’s Gerontius; a role which he loves performing. These are just some of the reviews that testify to the quality of his performances.

“Intelligence and commitment were the keynotes of Neil Jenkins’ Gerontius. His reading was all urgent articulation: it was the death of a passionate young man at which we assisted.”

The Times

“The youthful ardour of Neil Jenkins’ Gerontius served a serious intensity of expression.”

Sunday Times

“Neil Jenkins sang Gerontius intelligently and with unfailingly clear diction.”

Daily Telegraph

“Neil Jenkins sang Gerontius, and as always this splendid dramatic tenor gave the role facets of human behaviour: fright, defiance, and finally a moving subjection to judgement.”

Birmingham Post

“Neil Jenkins was in magnificent voice – I was particularly struck with his excellent diction which allowed those at the very back of the Cathedral to savour the philosophy expressed in the words.”

Chichester Observer

“It was Neil Jenkins’ Gerontius that was at the core of a deeply moving concert …. Neil Jenkins’ tenor voice sounded so effortless and his diction was so perfect that one forgot the colossal technique involved.”

Dorset Evening Echo

“The tenor, Neil Jenkins, admirably conveyed the spiritual and emotional turbulence of Gerontius’ soul as it approaches and passes the threshold of physical death. He did much to sustain the onward thrust of the drama and produced many fine moments, of which the entry ‘Take me away’ still re-echoes in the mind as particularly thrilling.”

Hertford Mercury

“Neil Jenkins, who has given opera lovers so many memorable performances, is no stranger to the role. He wrung every ounce of emotion out of Elgar’s passionate music.”

Brighton Evening Argus

“The society had an admirable choice in Neil Jenkins. His vocal control is excellent, but above all he is as succesful as any at getting a wealth of meaning and conviction into his words.”

Bournemouth Evening Echo

“Jenkins succeeded in making Gerontius a very human figure, revealing all the man’s doubts and fears. Clarity and impeccable diction are always associated with this singer’s work, but on this occasion his ringing top notes, phrasing and beauty of tone were exceptional.”

Mid Sussex Times

“Neil Jenkins was an eloquent and mellifluous Gerontius. His powerful yet seemingly effortless interpretation retained a freshness and sense of adventure in the narrative.

Essex County Standard

Neil Jenkins was a marvellous Gerontius; his superb tenor voice, free from vocal decoration or mannerism, presenting the character with sympathy, but without sentimentality.”

Oldham Evening Chronicle